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Begowala (Urdu: بیگووالہ) is a village of District Sialkot in the Punjab province of Pakistan. It is located in the centre of the Sialkot-Sambrial road and lies 25 km away from Sialkot to east side [Click here for Map]. Begowala is one of the biggest villages of Sialkot.

Prior to 2008 there was Nazam legislative system but now a days this is Chairman legislative system and it is consist on Chairman and Town Committee members.

The history of Begowala is very old, Begowala still has Temples where Hindus and Sikhs used to worship their Gods and now these temples are preserved as the property of Government.

The population of Begowala is more then 25000. Most of these people are Jutt and doing agriculture. Majority of youngsters are in Europe & Arab Countries and rest of them are serving in different fields.

There are a lot of services provided by the Government as well as in public sector like Government Civil Hospital, Govt. boys and girls high school, Municipal Administration working under TMA.

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